What does it mean when the “Red Light” is on?

High Water Alarm. This alarm is mutable by flipping the switch on the right side of the control panel labeled “HWA”. This alarm often triggers when first firing up your system. After you ensure that your system is hooked up to the proper electrical quick disconnect as per you tank installer, let the system run for about an hour. If the alarm & red light persists, please contact our office.

For existing residences:  Drip disposal – check to see if your filter is clean – clean filter – wait about an hour. If the problem persists, please contact our office. *Do not leave your High Water Alarm unchecked as your system could possibly backup or overflow.

What does it mean when the “Yellow Light” is on?

Aeration issue. Usually caused by a bad air switch, faulty air pump, or kinked airline. This alarm is mute-able usually inside of the control panel - the switch is labeled “Alarm”. This is not an emergency situation where the system could backup or overflow, but please contact our office if this problem persists.

I want to sign up for service visits­, what is the next step?

Contact our office if you’re ready to sign up for quarterly maintenance for your aerobic system. The next step will be scheduling a visit to inspect your system for your future service with PS Septic Supply & Service!

What is included in your Maintenance Contract?

Our contract includes cleaning all filters, the aerator shaft, backflush driplines, and checking the electrical components. We also email all inspection & repair reports to the county as required of us as a maintenance company per TCEQ.

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